Professional steel ball tool machine manufacturers

Steel ball forging program, steel ball rolling program, steel ball rolling & forging combination programs etc variety of steel ball manufacture project to choose.

Special wearable steel ball production equipment for cement plant

High degree of automation, good roundness of steel ball, high hardness, good wear resistance, round and unbreakable

Wearable steel ball production equipment for mining plant

The program with high productivity, high degree of automation, high utilization of materials, flexible and controllable quenching system, can easily produce the perfect combination of hardness and toughness of high-quality wear-resistant steel ball


Anyang Forging Press Company introduction

Anyang Forging Press Company follow the business philosophy of "product quality is our life, customer first is our backbone", we have a history of 60 years in forging equipment industry. With the increasing demand of high quality and wear-resistant steel ball market, in order to better serve for steel ball manufacture plant, Anyang Forging Press Company has developed Pneumatic forging hammer steel ball production line, Skew rolling mill steel ball production line, CNC closed die forging hammer steel ball production line, Steel ball forging & rolling production line etc, can meet the specifications of 30mm-180mm steel ball production needs. We can provide multiple sets of steel ball production plan according to the customer's production process demand. For more details, please call us: 0372-5923102