What kind of grinding steel ball more wear-resistant2017-12-07 08:25:50

In the grinding steel ball industry, we usually will think that the harder the material the more wear-resistant steel balls. But in fact, blind pursuit of high hardness of the steel ball may not be able to achieve good results, Incontrast ,It will increase the cost of production. If tests show that high chromium cast iron is a good wear-resistant material, but its abrasion resistance is not as good as that of 20 steel near the erosion angle of 90 °, so this should not be selected when high-angle erosion wear Class brittle materials. In contrast, high-chrome cast iron is much more wear-resistant than steel 20 at small angles or sliding wear conditions. How and where wear-resistant materials should be applied, scientific research and analysis of the use of service conditions, fully grasp the performance characteristics of wear-resistant materials, avoid weaknesses, to obtain the success of the application.

High manganese steel ball toughness and lack of wear resistance; all kinds of alloy white castings high hardness, good wear resistance, but less toughness, low safety and reliability; medium and low alloy wear-resistant steel in the first two Between, the Austrian ductile iron is currently lacking in common applications, pending further understanding. The non-metallic materials such as polymeric ceramic composites, silicon nitride (Si3N4), toughened zirconia (Y2O3 + ZrO2) and toughened alumina (Al2O3 / ZrO2) The use of better.

The grinding steel balls are used in high-stress abrasion and impact is not too strong impact wear parts wear conditions, most of the use of high-chromium cast iron material. Such as crushing roller, hammer crusher hammer, ball mill liner and so on. Crusher shield, conveyor casing, blades, bucket and other applications of chromium carbide composite material (Cr2C3 + Q235), high energy ion implantation tungsten carbide material (WCSP) better.