Grinding steel ball usage2018-08-27 18:37:26

In recent years, grinding ball in the production of more and more widely used, in order to meet the needs of all walks of life on the grinding steel ball, different types and models of grinding balls have also been developed, the type of grinding steel ball has also been developed and enriched. Here we briefly introduce different performance grinding steel ball commonly used purposes.

  1. Grinding steel ball440/440C(9Cr18)
  2. Performance: Hardness of 56-58 degrees, a magnetic, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and toughness

    Application: Mainly used in bearings, stamping / hydraulic parts, valves, seals, refrigeration equipment, high-precision aerospace parts

  3. Grinding steel ball420(3Cr13)
  4. Performance: Hardness of 51-52 degrees, magnetic, a certain degree of corrosion resistance and toughness

    Application: Applicable to all types of precision machinery, bearings, electrical equipment, transportation tools, household appliances and so on. Multi-use to create resistance to the atmosphere, water vapor, water and oxidizing acid corrosion parts

  5. Grinding steel ball304/304HC(Ocr19Ni9)
  6. Performance: Hardness ≤ 28 degrees, after degaussing non-magnetic, strong anti-rust ability, brine immersion for a long time not easy to rust.

    Application: Mainly used in medical equipment, bottles, valves, electronic components and so on

  7. Grinding steel ball316/316L(Ocr19Ni12MO2)
  8. Performance: Hardness ≤ 28 degrees, non-magnetic degaussing, anti-rust ability, non-corrosive

    Application: Mainly used in medical equipment, food machinery, cosmetics accessories, human jewelry, instrumentation, etc.

  9. Normal Grinding steel ball
  10. Performance: Hardness ≤ 26 degrees, non-magnetic degaussing

    Application: Mainly used in general hardware accessories, household appliances parts, stamping stainless steel