Pneumatic forging hammer forged steel ball is a traditional wear-resistant steel ball forging production process, using pneumatic forging hammer forging the raw material to the required deformation, increase the forging ratio, so that the internal structure of the ball more compact structure, improve toughness and density, improve wear resistance, reduce the rate of broken, making the forged steel ball in a variety of harsh environments to maintain excellent stability.


Grinding steel balls pneumatic forging hammer presentation:

Pneumatic forging hammer steel ball prodcution line with less investment, rapid organization of production, the scope of production of large steel ball and other characteristics, hot-rolled bar and square steel can be used as raw materials, grinding steel ball is widely used in mining, cement, pulverized coal and other grinding ball crushing field.

Pneumatic forging hammer for steel ball technical characteristics:


Anyang Forging Press Company according to the pneumatic forging hammer forged steel ball production process characteristics, combined with the production needs to design and manufacture of forged steel ball special air hammer, compared with the traditional C41 series power hammer, pneumatic forging hammer for steel balls contains the following Technical characteristics:

  1. Pneuamtic forging hammer wall thickness thickening, enhanced body structure strength.
  2. Pneumatic forging hammer cylinder and hammer rod lead length lengthened to enhance the orientation; increase the lead large outer diameter, and enhance the stability of lead and fuselage connections.
  3. In the process of forging the steel ball, the hammer rod can be freely rotated in the working cylinder according to the force of the forging die to reduce the influence of the reaction force on the hammer rod and the fuselage when forging the steel ball, increase pneumatic forging hammer service life.
  4. The lower part of the air hammer cylinder adds a red ring to pre-stress the fuselage to ensure the stability of the fuselage and lead during the forging of steel balls.
  5. Pneumatic Forging Hammer rod guide leakage ring is changed to four arc structures to improve the sealing performance.
  6. The steel ball mould adopts the mould structure, and the upper and lower anvil are all mould frame, upper and lower anvils are the mold box, in the mold box set up steel ball mold, the use of semi-circular wedge connection mold, production of steel balls of different diameters, just replace the ball mold, without changing the upper and lower anvil, to achieve the goal of reduce investment in steel ball molds and quickly change molds.

Pneumatic forging hammer for grinding steel balls selection:

C41 series Division type pneumatic forging hammer model and grinding steel balls produce technical parameter:

Hammer type

Max. Forged steel ball OD

Average production efficiency



















Anyang pneumatic forging hammer industry advantages:

  1. Anyang C41 series pneumatic forging hammer won the national "high-quality silver" (air hammer industry's only national highest award).
  2. We drafted the current national standards for pneumatic forging hammer.
  3. Anyang Forging Press Company is the only company in the pneumatic forging hammer industry through the "China Industrial News" to the domestic and international published a "quality assurance statement" , won the trust of users.
  4. Anyang Golden anvil pneumatic forging hammer awarded the "Protected Eco-origin Products By China" .
  5. Anyang Golden anvil pneumatic forging hammer awarded the title of "famous brand products of Henan province".
  6. Anyang Forging Press Company independently developed the first C41-2000kg air hammer at home and abroad in 2006.

Pneumatic forging hammer Video

Pneumatic forging hammer-Steel ball forging process

Pneumatic forging hammer-Steel ball forging process

Pneumatic forging hammer-Steel ball forging process

Pneumatic forging hammer-Steel ball forging process