The importance of grinding steel ball2017-12-07 08:23:08

Grinding in the mill process, the ball quality is good or bad both affected the production capacity, but also affect the mill energy consumption level, therefore, the choice of grinding steel balls to consider whether it will affect the ball mill production efficiency, Only high production efficiency and low cost will have good economic benefits, and the necessary conditions for the development of enterprises is the economic benefits.

When choosing a ball, there are two conditions that we have to consider:

  1. Hardness of grinding steel ball
  2. If the hardness of the steel ball is too high, the friction between the steel ball and the steel ball will slide relatively fast, which can not effectively collide with the mineral particles and the degree of grinding of the mineral particles will be weakened. And if the steel ball is too hard, it will make its talks more serious, and in the process of rebound, too much energy can not be used to break the mineral particles, thus affecting the efficiency. Therefore, the ball hardness to choose a modest, not the harder the better.

  3. Density of grinding steel ball
  4. For the same size of steel balls, the density of large productivity, the smaller the density, the productivity is small; the same is 100mm steel ball, it will because of the different density, resulting in the output will be different. The density of the ball will also be different because of the material, the size is not the same, forged and rolled steel balls cast steel ball than the density of the larger.