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Grinding steel ball introduction

  1. φ20mm-φ120mm grinding steel ball rolling by skew rolling mill line, also known as abrasive wear-resistant media, is a consumable, the main purpose is to grind the material so that the material grinding finer, to achieve the use of standards, mainly used in mines, power plants, cement plants, steel mills, silica sand plant, coal chemical industry and other fields.
  2. Specification: φ20mm-φ120mm
  3. Round steel material: 65Mn、60Mn、50Mn、B2、B3、40Cr、45 etc.
  4. Round steel length: 6000 mm
  5. Heating method: Induction heating furnace
  6. Heating temperature: 950~1050℃

Process of skew rolling miller produce balls

Steel ball skew rolling machine introduction:

Skew rolling mill production line used to produce steel balls or steel forging. The angle between the two rolls of the skew rolling mill is generally 2 ° -6 °. The roll has a spiral hole pattern. When the two rolls are rotated in the same direction, the round billet rotates reversely with the roll between the rolls and advances through the spiral hole Round bar rolled into the desired shape. Then after the heat treatment process to meet the requirements of grinding steel ball.

Steel ball skew rolling principle:

The work principle of helical hole type cross rolling is shown in the figure. Two axes with helical hole cross each other. The rollers rotate in the same direction to rotate and advance the circular piece, under the action of forming rotary parts blanks. Skew rolling deformation is mainly axial compression of the axial extension.


Introduction of hot rolled grinding steel ball production process:

  1. The bundles of round bar stock hanging to the "storage rack", bar length bar length is generally 6000mm.
  2. Automatic feeder will be "stocker" on the round bar automatically feeding to the "intermediate frequency furnace" on the conveyor track, round bar in the conveyor track on the automatic feeding mechanism into the "electric furnace", by adjusting the size of the power, the round steel heated to 950 ~ 1050 ℃.
  3. After heating, the round bar passes through the "feed guide sleeve" into the "skew rolling mill" mold, after two spiral molds, the round bar rotates forward and is continuously rolled into steel balls. From the "slide" into the " conveyor system".
  4. Hot rolled steel ball through the "delivery system" for transport, cooling treatment, the ball temperature uniform inside and outside, while allowing the ball temperature down to the quenching temperature, into the "quenching machine" for continuous quenching, by adjusting the "quenching machine Speed, control the temperature of the steel ball outlet, the steel ball after quenching, through the "chute" into the "material basket", the use of tempering furnace tempering of the ball to eliminate the internal stress of the steel ball so that the ball is very high and Even hardness.

Technical parameter of skew rolling machine line

Model unit ZQ20 ZQ30 ZQ40 ZQ50 ZQ60 ZQ80 ZQ100 ZQ120
Steel ball diameter mm 15-20 20-30 30-40 35-50 40-60 60-80 70-100 80-120
Roller diameter mm 170 220 260 300 340 450 600 690
Roller angle range ° 0-5 0-6 0-6 0-8 0-6 0-8 0-7 0-7
Productivity pcs/min 120 102 90 72 72 64 50 40
Motor power KW 30 40 80 130 185 450 650 1000

The main parts of production line

Storage rack and induction furnace


The part has the storage 6000MM long bar steel rack, automatic feeding, automatic feeding, automatic temperature measurement, fault alarm and other functions, the high degree of automation of the furnace, to ensure continuous production of steel ball production line.

Steel ball skew rolling mill with gear reducer

skew rolling machine

Host using the overall ZG35 cast steel frame structure, aging treatment, good rigidity. Roller spindle 40Gr forgings, the whole quenched and tempered HB220 ~ 280; bearing ZG35, after aging. The spindle and bearing seat are connected by tapered roller bearings. The bearings are made of domestic first-class bearings (Hawal brand), lubricated with high-temperature lubricating oil and sealed by mechanical seal. The overall performance is stable and reliable.

Radial and axial adjustment of the mold is convenient and reliable, the locking is firm and stable, and the ball quality and operation stability are ensured.

According to different bar diameter, with different specifications of the guide sleeve.

Universal coupling with domestic famous brands

Motor, reducer, dual output reducer

Box with Q235-B welding parts, to stress annealing, gear with hardened helical gear and long service life; output shaft material 40Cr, quenched and tempered HB217-255. Motor, reducer, dual output reducer installed in a whole foundation, the power transmission part of the smooth operation.


Motor and reducer, reducer and dual output reducer connection between the flexible pin-type coupling, low noise, smooth transmission.

Main motor control cabinet, isothermal machine control cabinet and quenching machine control cabinet


Electrical control part of the motor start, stop, speed button, with a voltmeter and ammeter, timely monitoring of voltage and current, electrical components using well-known brands. In addition, there are some features such as open the door power-off and motor over-current protection.

Steel ball dies


Mold material for H13 high quality mold steel, the overall quenching, under normal use can produce 20-30 million steel balls.

Upper and lower guide plate

The upper and lower guide plate with high quality welding layer to increase the surfacing layer to improve the wear resistance of the guide, after a simple repair wear, grinding can continue to use. Up and down guide adjustment by manual adjustment.

Conveyor system图片13.png


Quenching machine and quenching sink



Steel ball skew rolling mill rolling steel ball video