The status of grinding steel balls2017-12-04 14:47:52

Over the years many foreign mineral processing enterprises have been selected low-chromium steel ball and forged steel balls as the dressing of grinding media. Although some mining companies gradually replace the low chromium balls and forged steel balls with high-chromium ball mill steel balls, the quality of their wear-resistant balls is not good enough and their wear resistance is not good (the hardness HRC is lower than 56 degrees) , And sometimes even a lot of ball crushing situation, in short, that cost is poor, can not bring good economic benefits to users, it has been unable to change the status quo.

Practice has proved that the use of high-chromium steel ball mill instead of low chromium ball grinding body is bound to be a trend, most foreign mines have long been using high hardness chromium ball (HRC ≥ 62 degrees above) as a grinding body. The product hardness (HRC) up to 63-68, the impact value ≥ 4.0J / ㎝ 2 or more, wear resistance is 2 times the ordinary low-chromium ball, forged steel ball more than 2.2 times; by the user to test the use of broken ball Rate ≤ 0.2% (much lower than the national standard and the level of similar enterprises). Due to the low abrasion performance of special high chromium ball for this mine, the grinding efficiency is high, the gradation of steel balls in the mill is not likely to change easily, not only increasing the fineness of ore powder to a certain extent, Production, but also to ensure the quality of ore powder; while lengthening the cycle of supplementing the ball, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, in particular, greatly reducing the number of additional ball.

Most of our mining companies choose low-chromium steel balls or forged steel balls, the price is relatively low, tons of iron ore grinding body about 1Kg. If you use my company dedicated mine high-chromium ball, the current average price by 6000 yuan / ton (excluding freight, the same below), tons of iron ore consumption by 0.5Kg, according to the mine in the production of 100,000 tons of concentrate powder ( About 300000 tons of iron ore) calculation, with special high-chromium mine ball instead of low-chromium ball The amount of actual units of the ball will be significantly reduced, the ball is part of the direct savings, lower freight rates, Taiwan time Part of the increase in output will have greater benefits.