What’s the Steel Ball Making Process with Pneumatic Forging Hammer?2020-02-15 15:53:56

Forged steel balls can be divided into 45 steel forged steel balls, 60Mn forged steel balls, 65Mn forged steel balls, 40Cr forged steel balls, 42CrMo forged steel balls, B2 forged steel balls, B3 forged steel balls, and B6 forged steel balls, etc. Carbon content is 0.4-0.85, manganese content is 0.5-1.2, chromium content is 0.05-1.2, which can be produced by air hammer forging and hot rolling. It is mainly used in non-ferrous metal dressing, power plant and K-Na-feldspar dressing, etc. Our company's 25 mm-125 mm forged steel balls are rolled by automatic hot rolling mill and 125 mm-150 mm steel ball forged by pneumatic forging hammer.

forged steel ball  making process

Advantages of forged steel ball

  • 1. The crushing rate is less than 5%,
  • 2. High impact: impact is greater than 18J / cm2, 8 meters drop ball test more than 20000 times.
  • 3. The overall hardness height gradient distribution is average. The surface hardness is 58-55c, the volume hardness is 55-53h, and it is hard
  • 4. No deformation: the steel ball will not deform or lose.
  • 5. Compact structure, high cost performance and obvious cost saving.

In terms of the current wear-resistant steel ball market, forged steel balls are widely used in wet grinding applications in metal mines, including Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Vale, South Africa gold, Chile copper mine, etc., which are all made of high carbon manganese alloy. At present, there are many cast steel balls in domestic market, but the market of forged steel balls is increasing year by year. China Minmetals, Zijin mining, China gold, TISCO and Jiugang are also using forged steel balls. At present, it is proved that forged steel ball must be used because of the high chromium steel ball breaking rate in semi autogenous mill. The obvious advantages of forged steel balls lie in smooth surface, high impact, much lower breaking rate than cast steel balls, and much lower price than high chromium steel balls. However, the wear resistance is comparable to that of high chromium steel ball. The cost performance of forged steel ball in large mines is much better than that of high chromium steel ball. Customers can choose according to the price, quality standard and mine application.

 150mm steel ball  made on pneumatic forging hammer

Main forged steel ball making process pneumatic forging hammer

After the round steel bar is inspected to be qualified, blanking shall be conducted according to the size of the steel ball, the steel ball forging blank shall be heated to a certain temperature through medium frequency furnace to ensure the effective occurrence of type variables in forging, red hot steel forging shall be sent into the pneumatic forging hammer and processed by skilled operators. After forging, the red hot steel ball immediately enters the heat treatment equipment for quenching and tempering heat treatment, so that the forged steel ball can obtain high and uniform hardness value.

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steel ball making process on pneumatic forging hammer

Parameters of pneumatic forging hammer

C41 series Division type pneumatic forging hammer model and forged steel balls produce technical parameter:

Hammer type

Max. Forged steel ball OD

Average production efficiency



















Steel ball making process on 400kg pneumatic forging hammer video